Eminence public school KIDS WORLD is dedicated to the development of each student’s potential in a positive environment. The school started functioning in the year 2010 with all facilities such as spacious airy class rooms, audio visual room , smart class room and wide play area with all equipment’s . The school comprises teachers and children from all over the country

Our Mission

Eminence public school kids world provides a superior instructional method in various disciplines to students of intellectual diversity and different cultural background within a supportive and warm environment our emphasis is on creative , social , cultural , emotional facts of child development besides high academic excellence

Our Vision

To provide a strong basic academic focus and foundation that will enable the students to face the challenge posed by any kind of academic learning and to quip students of varied intellectual diversity and cultural background with warm and supportive environment with a sense of direction and purpose. To create in students our awareness of caring , loving and helping nature.To foster in students civic sense and a spirit of responsibility to the local community More over to create an Eminent citizen by providing all the necessary and appropriate infrastructure.


Malayalam as a language is taught right from lower kindergarten as per government rules , even though the school is our English medium school and the communicative language is English

Extra curricular activities

Extra curricular activities like singing , dancing sports , painting etc are included to foster the creativity and to develop their inborn talents , etiquette , table manners etc for which special classes are taken . Daring mid day recess students are encouraged to sit together to take their lunch inaneat ,well mannered way . they are also expected to move in a single line without causing any disturbances to other classes


An unbeatable faculty of talented , Montessori and trained teachers with full dedication make our faculty more effective . they do not merely teach but they together spent time with their students for a joyous , progressive interaction process of learning the channels of communication open with regular meetings of parents during the alternative Saturdays where their academic , social and behavioural matters are discussed and remedial action taken.


In the kids world , the kindergarten is the beginning of journey in a child’s academic life . A positive attitude will establish a solid base of skills to nurture a child’s natural enthusiasm for learning . It includes art work , colouring , numbering and learning alphabets . A child develop its speech and correct pronunciation through oral or verbal classes .Greater importance given to play way method of classes.

The school aims to ensure that its students achieve academic excellence with the highest discipline and enhance all their personal potentials.