Mission and vision.

Mission and vision.

Our Mission

‘Create Eminent World Citizen’ is our motto which will be achieved through an educational programme that focuses on the holistic development of the body, mind and spirit of our students.

Since real education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom, the knowledge of a few isolated subjects alone will not be sufficient. The aim of education is not only the enrichment of the mind, but also the improvement of the physique, the glorification of the spirit, the inculcation of values, and the refinement of attitudes and emotions. We have planned our teaching methods and materials in such a manner that they are sure to mould our students into complete and sublime human beings capable of fulfilling not only their own aspirations but also the goals of our society and Nation at large.


  1. To uphold before the students an integral view of life based on moral values and perspectives and promote their all-round development, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.
  2. To instil in them due respect and appreciation for the intellectual heritage of mankind.
  3. To provide education that aims at excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and encourage creativity and independent thinking.
  4. To give the student a vocational base by providing professional and technical courses at suitable levels and instilling in them necessary mental attitudes and work habits.
  5. To awaken the students to an awareness of the social and economic realities of the world around them and to develop in them a sense of social responsibility to make them useful citizens of India.