• Maths Club

The Mathematics Club helps in the proper utilization of leisure helps in arousing and maintaining students’ interest in Mathematics. We conduct activities like card games, board games, Maths magic, Mathsjokes, abacus, puzzles, an exhibition of 3D models etc.

  • Dance Club

Dance is a wonderful form of art. It brings out the soul in the self, and music helps to bring this art form to life. The need to integrate dance as a part of co-curricular activity in school inculcates in the students, the urge to retain the unique cultural identity in all its diversity and richness. The students are encouraged to explore the various dance forms thereby helping them to become creative and liberal thinkers who appreciate the variety of artistic traditions.

It is closely linked to academics because involvement in dance and drama is associated with cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills.

  • Music club

The Music Club encourages and develops the musical pursuits of children. Children are given proper training and guidance in instrumental music, western  and Carnatic music etc

  • Disaster Management Club

The Disaster Management club seeks to enhance the capacity of society to prevent and manage disasters and to improve the livelihood of the poor and vulnerable in rural communities. The main objective of this club is to empower the younger generations with skills to meet the crisis arising out of natural and man-made disasters. We conduct activities like first aid training, guest lectures on ways to reduce man-made disasters etc.

  • Sports Club

In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. It is, therefore, necessary that the students participate in sports and games. The school curriculum gives equal importance to sports also. The students imbibe the qualities of courage and determination, learn to abide by the rules and norms of the games and above all, they inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship, revel in their victory and celebrate the triumph of their opponents.

  • Literary and Debate Club

The Literary and Debate Club is more than just a club for speaking reading and writing; it is also a place where students can come to share their insights on politics, life, and school issues. We’re like a family, sharing frustrations, trials, and happy moments. We usually conduct debate competitions, reading competitions, literary quiz, extempore and role-plays.

  • Science club

The Science club helps to develop scientific knowledge through experiments. We discuss how to use this conceptual basis for applications in the real world. Demonstrations of experiments and talks by famous personalities, exhibitions, field trips etc are conducted under the auspices of the science club.

  • Eco club

The Eco-club empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behaviour. Activities like plantation drive, Swachhata awareness day, waste management, field trip, rainwater harvesting, recycling of waste products creating butterfly garden are conducted.

  • Quiz club

The quiz club is to popularize quizzy activities among students and to encourage them to take part in various competitive exams.

  • IT club

The IT club creates awareness of the current trends in technology. To leverage ICT tools, to sensitise students with responsible uses of the internet and technology are the objectives of the IT club.

Different Clubs are organized in the school for different levels of students and their activities.

Debate Club Ms.Jisha Mukundan


Ms.Sheena Mathew

Ms. Bindhu C

Ms.Jayasree R

Science Club Ms.Vinny Chandrashekaran

Ms.Remya Raj

Nature Club Ms.Thanooja Joseph

Ms.Ammini Philips

Ms.Smitha Senan

Quiz Club Mr.Krishnakath A K

Ms.Reesha Chandran

Sports Club Mr.Varghese D’cruz
IT Club Ms.Julie Merin Mathew

Ms.Remya Ramachandran

Mathematics Club Ms.Anitha P R


Ms.Devi Prabha

Dance Club Ms.Nagalekshmi
Music Club Ms.Reshmi Nair
Art Club Mr.Tensy Joseph
Disaster Management Club Ms.Meenu Mohan

Ms.Smitha P Rasheed

Special Coaching

Special coaching for Kung-fu, ABACUS, classical music, instrument music, yoga, dance and band are arranged on payment for those interested. Special tuition is also arranged and the details can be had from the office.