Eminence Public School follows the 10+2 pattern of education. The school provides for a general education of 10 years leading to the All India Secondary School Examination(AISSE) and Senior Secondary School (+2) leading to All India Senior School Examination (AISSCE)

The following subjects are taught in the School

Classes I to VIII

1. English 2. Hindi
3. Malayalam 4. Mathematics
5. General Science 6. Social Science
7. Art(Drawing/Painting) & Music 8. Work Experience
9. General Knowledge 10. Physical & Health Education
11. Computer Science 12. Yoga
13. Dance  

Class IX & X

1. English 2. Malayalam/Hindi
3. Mathematics 4. Science & Technology
5. Social Science 6. Work Experience
7. Physical & Health Education 8. Art Education
9. Computer Science 10. Dance
11. Yoga  

III. Senior Secondary School Classes XI  & XII

Specialized instruction is offered at the +2 level leading on the All India Senior School Certificate Examination of the CBSE.

The School offers Science & Commerce Streams. The courses are detailed below:

Science Stream

  • English , Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science.
  • English , Physics, Chemistry , Biology & Computer Science

Commerce Stream

  • English
  • Business Studies
  • Principles & Practice of Advanced Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Computer Science/Mathematics

For all combinations, English will be the core language and a subject for external assessment. General studies, work experience, physical education and health education also are compulsory but they will be assessed internal, i.e., in the school itself. The number of periods for subjects of internal assessment will be one each in a week.

For internal assessment, the students will be graded on a five-point scale. A minimum of a D grade will be required for promotion to the next class. The assessment grades of IX, X and XII will be incorporated in the final mark records issued by the CBSE.

A word about Language options

Hindi and Malayalam will be taught up to Class 10. One can select Malayalam or Hindi as a second language in Class 9 and 10. Optional classes are available for learning the language of the paired state/UT under the EBSB programme.  

Life Skills Assessment (2A)

The 5 point Grading Scale for Life Skills Assessment is given below:

Most Indicators in a skill – A+

Many Indicators in skill  A

Very few indicators in skill C

Some Indicators in a skill B+

Few Indicators in a skill – B

Very few indicators in a skill – C


The curriculum followed in the primary school aims at:

  • Building and reinforcing students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness
  • Stimulating curiosity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning
  • Equipping students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas.
  • Encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching methods
  • Providing appropriate forms of assessment and benchmarking.